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All our beers are strictly brewed according to the Bavarian “Reinheitsgebot” of 1516. It is the oldest cuisine and beverage law in the world. This law states that only water, barley malt and hops may be used to produce beer. Yeast had yet to be discovered.

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Reinheitsgebot – why anything else?

Our beers are made from the finest ingredients, important straight from Germany. The combination of the brewing skills of our brewer, the high-tech brewing equipment and best ingredients produces a consistent high quality beer. Our traditional lager beers are available on tap after they have undergone a slow 4 week fermenting and maturing process. No filtering or pasteurising takes place in order to retain all of the beer’s flavour.
To keep discerning palates entertained out brewer experiments with new flavours and beer styles throughout the years. These beers are only available for limited periods of time.

Brewing tours & beer tastings

This is your window into the fine art of brewing. A tour of our private brewery, including the cellar, will open your eyes to the dynamic factors of beer brewing. The tour provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the brewing process from start to finish. A professional guide will answer any questions you may have and a beer tasting session will help you make up your own mind about which beer to enjoy with your meal.

Bookings are essential! Group sizes are restricted in order to ensure that you have an unforgettable ‘hands on’ experience.

Farmers Draught

A blond-coloured lager in the style of the beer enjoyed in the famous beer halls of Bavaria, in other words a  “Münchner Helles”. 
Light on the palate, with a crisp, slightly dry but pleasantly soft finish.  A real drinking beer!

Technical data:

  • ± 4, 2% Alcohol
  •  Hop-aromatic
  •  10, 5% original gravity
  •  approx. 23 bitter units

Brauhaus Dunkel

This dark, full-flavored beer with its cream-coloured head invites you to take your first ‘bite’. You will be surprised by the coffee, caramel and roast malt flavors which meet in perfect harmony. The pleasant bitterness will keep you company for a moment.  This dark beauty gets you up to speed with its slightly increased alcohol content.  Bon voyage!
Technical data:

  • ± 5,2% Alcohol
  • Malt-aromatic
  • 13, 5% original gravity
  • approx. 25 bitter units

Brauhaus Weizen

50 % of the grist consists of the finest imported wheat malt.  This beer will stay a bit cloudy because of the top fermenting yeast used and the higher protein content of the wheat malt. Fruity banana and spicy clove like flavours meet in harmony to give this “Weissbier” its unique taste.
Technical data:

  • ± 4, 5% Alcohol
  • clove like flavours and banana aroma
  • 11,5% original gravity
  • low bittering


An deep amber, coppery coloured Lager in the style of German Oktoberfest and Märzen beer. This is a typical festival beer – with Münchner and Pilsner malt as base malt as well as Caramel malt for flavouring. Distinctive, complex maltiness includes a bready, toasty aspect and suggests a hint of sweetness but the finish is moderately-dry. Medium body, with a smooth, creamy texture creates a fuller mouthfeel. Prost!!

Technical data:

  • ±5,0 % Alcohol
  • Malt-aromatic
  • 12.2% original gravity
  • approx. 24 bitter units


Accomplishment through PASSION!!

Brauhaus am Damm is a well known brand in the Craft Beer Industry and has accomplished a good name through winning various awards and prizes with its truly unique and delicious beers.

South African National Craft Brewer’s Championship – Brauhaus Weizen received the second prize.
​South African National Beer Trophy – For three consecutive year Brauhaus am Damm received various Gold and Silver medals for best beers in their categories.
Clarens Beer Festival – Farmers Draught received the Peoples Choice Award for two consecutive years.

South African National Craft Brewer's Championships

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