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From Humble Beginnings ...

Come and enjoy our German beers, brewed on site and served directly from storage tank in our brewery, allowing us to offer you what we believe to be the highest quality German Beer in Afrika. To complement our beers, we have well-equipped restaurant serving typical German & Austrian style cuisine.

A typical German brewery is known to represent the culture of its local community. The Brauhaus Afrika is no exception. We have a strong German heritage which has been adopted over more than the last century, that said, we are proud to be South Africans citizens. We are African born and raised, we are part of it, we share a great love for this wonderful continent, its culture, nature, heritage and together we dream of building our county and our people going forward.

The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but rather a Spirit of hope.

God Bless Africa and all its people.

Come and enjoy our unique hospitality, in this beautiful setting nestled in the valley of the ancient Magaliesberg, overlooking the Olifantsnekdam.

A family restaurant and private brewery where you can relax, enjoy and have a wonderful time.

The Manufacturing

Meet our ‘Brewer’

Imke Pape

How I progressed to become a brewer: as told by Imke Pape

In Hattingspruit, Kwazulu Natal, a private brewery, “The Farmers’Bräuhaus”, was established and run as a family enterprise by the Martin family. The state of the art equipment from SALM in Austria, together with meticulous attention to detail, ensured that the brewery was highly respected and well-known far outside its local environment. Unfortunately, economic factors in the vicinity forced the closure of the brewery.

In February 2009, I was part of a few friends and acquaintances who banded together to purchase the brewery from the Martin family. We went down to “The Farmers’ Bräuhaus”, dismantled the equipment ourselves and transported it up to its present location at the Olifantsnek dam in the NorthWest province. Whilst doing the disassembly, I felt very attracted to the beautiful brewery and proposed to the other stakeholders: “I would like to do the brewing for Brauhaus am Damm!”

Naturally, they were very wary of my offer, but as there was no other brewer at hand at that stage, they cautiously gave me the green light. Consequently, I set out to acquire as many as possible useful books about brewing and beer, in addition to the textbooks that are used in German Universities – and started studying at home. I furthermore obtained novels about the origin and history of German beer and read them in my spare time. Whilst preparing myself mentally to become a brewer I met a German brewmaster, Heiko Feuring, residing in Johannesburg and he offered to help me – hands-on – with the real thing. He brought all his homebrew equipment and we brewed my very first beer – Imke’s Dunkel. Our “Brauhaus Dunkel” is still brewed according to the same recipe we used that day in the cooking pot in the kitchen!

After a year of self-study and a few homebrews, I decided it was time for an apprenticeship in Europe. So I set out to Hannover, Germany, where I worked for one week in a micro-brewery similar to Brauhaus am Damm. There I mainly functioned in the beer cellar, trying to familiarise myself with all the work that needs to be done regarding the cleaning of the tanks, the fermentation and transferring of the beer between the various tanks in the cellar like fermentation-, lagering- and service tanks. From Hannover, I flew to Vienna – where our brewery was originally made – and worked in the ‘SALM Bräu’ Brew Pub. For three weeks I was taught the art of brewing on a brewhouse like ours. I must admit that those four weeks in Europe were the hardest of my life, every aspect was new. It was very nerve-wracking, but at the same time very exciting and rewarding.

Back home I carried on with self-study and prepared for another year and a half, while the installation of the brewery progressed slowly. Finally, in August 2011, our brewery was commissioned and was put into operation again. I was very fortunate to procure the services of a brewer from Hannover in Germany who flew over to help me with the first 6 brews. After a few initial hiccups, the brewing went from strength to strength, and till now every batch has been good!

Currently, I have to be at the brewery on a daily basis to ensure that the natural processes work in harmony to create a truly refreshing, quality beer.

Brewing has become my life and I love every minute of it. I endorse our motto “Accomplishment through passion” wholeheartedly because passion is the best ingredient for a great beer!

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